Mr Paul Cherry

Telephone: 07734 413005 or email :- paul@futuremesh.co.uk

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V- carving uses V shaped bits to cut depth into the material being used. This creates shadows along the cut edges giving the finished carving its unique appeal. As V Carving is not a full 3D relief cut the production times are shorter thus resulting in lower costs. As this process cuts into the face of the material it can be used to create decorative features on new and existing materials, furniture, fireplaces and carpentry etc.

We have taken this a step further by creating v carvings which are then filled in with a clear glass fibre resin  , achieving a perfectly flat but carved finish, suitable

For table tops etc

V Carving

Moving on from V carving, we have started to produce items of marquetry , were a v carve shape is first cut, and then a second male part is glued into position utilising a different type of wood. This can produce some really eye catching designs

Here is an example of a maple pisces sign set into an oak plate. The effect of the maple can be very striking

The Dog plaque was created using first, mahogany set into oak , before being re-cut and sycamore set into this. On this occasion, this was commissioned as a gift but any combinations can be designed to suit different purposes. Your imagination is the limit!